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Frequently Asked Questions

Flooring should be professionally cleaned annually, or more if you have pets that create stains and odors.

No, Miner Detail uses state of the art equipment and cleaners. With our equipment, we are able to include heat to deep clean and sanitize. The suction power of our equipment removes all cleaners and more water than you can do yourself or even more than many other companies. Removing water helps remove all dirt and products. The heat and removing more water help the carpets dry faster so you can enjoy your space quicker, usually, within a couple hours for carpet. 

We like to educate our customers on why they should not use a steam mop. Steam mops do not extract the water like a professional. It will push the dirt and debris into the grout lines, causing it to collect there. The only way to effectively clean vinyl planking, tile and grout is with heat (to remove any oils) and extraction, so you are not just pushing the dirt around.

No, Miner Detail can repair what is known as hollow tile.

No, Miner Detail will vacuum all flooring before they start deep cleaning to ensure that when water is applied, it doesn’t push any dirt and debris down into the flooring material. This also helps us maintain clean equipment.

Our process with heat and the right products can remove most stains, if not, we can dye the stain to match the rest of your carpet.

Tile and Vinyl Planking are dry immediately and require no down time. Carpeting takes just a couple hours to be completely dry, thanks to the heat and extraction process we use.

We ask that you keep all animals in a separate area until we are finished and the carpets (if we have cleaned them) are completely dry.

We ask that you move everything that you are able to move. We can move the big items if needed.

New tile can have a lot of dirt and dust that the installers didn’t remove. Miner Detail will completely remove all dirt and dust then we can seal the Grout lines and Vinyl Planking to keep it looking new and clean. Sealing it will also protect the grout from stains. Vinyl Planking has ridges that collect dirt, sealing it will help keep it clean and looking its best. It is also easier to clean and maintain when sealed!

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